Interchain is a young, ambitious, and values-led team working on the core blockchain technology of the Cosmos ecosystem and the Cosmos Hub. We’re headquartered in Berlin, Germany, but our team stretches from the west coast of the US to eastern Europe. We keep in touch through Github, Slack, Discord, and Zoom, and meet in person periodically (when COVID permits). All in all, the software we develop secures billions of dollars in value across many different systems, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We strive to build world-class software while having plenty of laughs along the way.

As the Cosmos Network grows, we’re facing a new class of challenges. How can we make it really easy for a new node to join the network? What nodes are available for peer to peer communication? How does one gauge the reliability or trustworthiness of nodes that purport to be honest and available? Where does one go to understand the network topology? What systems are needed (financial and structural) to ensure public access is always available to blockchain network nodes? When building Cosmos SDK blockchains, what modules are available, popular, trustworthy and safe?

We’re calling this product vertical “Discoverability” and we’re looking for someone to lead the charge on making the Cosmos network more accessible and scalable than ever. We’ve taken a few big steps, including releasing a product called Atlas, which is part package manager and part network crawler, but we think we should do so much more.

This is the perfect role for a technical product manager or former software engineer, who is excited to work in a key position in one of the fastest-growing blockchain ecosystems and wants to help solve real user problems rooted in hard technical challenges.

Activities include:

  • Setting product roadmaps with prioritized features based on continuous market research, prototyping and user validation, in conjunction with engineering managers and other product leaders in the ecosystem
  • Interviewing current and potential users and understanding their needs and pains
  • Writing product specifications in collaboration with research and engineering teams from around the ecosystem
  • Coordinating and running meetings with a diverse set of stakeholders, including teams ranging from Cosmos Hub engineering, Cosmos SDK engineering, Cosmos Hub validators, wallets, block explorers and exchanges
  • Communicating publicly about your plans and progress to a technical community, including sharing roadmaps, status updates, and excellent READMEs

There are no hard requirements on previous experience, but ideally you have:

  • Experience working as a product manager, especially on cloud or developer tools, blockchain networks, or other technical products
  • Working familiarity with Golang (or experience writing another systems language and a desire to learn more)
  • A passion for building great developer experiences
  • Top-notch communications skills, clear written prose, and a knack for working with a diverse range of contributors and users, and synthesizing different perspectives
  • Vision and opinions about network discoverability and decentralization and the drive to execute that vision
  • A high degree of personal responsibility and ownership: you’ll be responsible for setting deadlines and holding yourself and your team accountable to them
  • An appropriate taste for simplicity and an ability to balance pragmatism with ideal solutions
  • A home base within our working timezones, probably from UTC - 5 (New York) to UTC + 3 (Moscow), and the ability to travel to Germany at least occasionally (post-COVID)

To succeed in this role, you’ll be touching a wide range of technologies and tools. You don’t need expertise in any of these areas, but you should be passionate about learning about them.

These technologies include:

  • Peer-to-peer networking
  • Package managers
  • Open source development
  • Devops processes and tooling, including server configuration, load balancing, proxies (like nginx), networking monitoring and observability, CI tools and/or Github actions, and cloud services like AWS, Digital Ocean, or GCP

Not sure if you're a fit? Please feel free to apply anyways, and we'll take it from there.

Interchain GmbH believes that great people come from a broad range of backgrounds, and that the diversity of our team is one of our strengths. Discrimination has no place at Interchain GmbH and we do not discriminate on the bases of race, colour, gender, gender identity, national origin, age, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. We are committed to fighting bias and discrimination in our workplace and in our communities.