Interchain is a young, ambitious, and values-led team working on the core blockchain technology of the Cosmos ecosystem and the Cosmos Hub. We’re headquartered in Berlin, Germany, but our team stretches from the west coast of the US to eastern Europe. We keep in touch through Github, Slack, Discord, and Zoom, and meet in person periodically (when COVID permits). All in all, the software we develop secures billions of dollars in value across many different systems, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We strive to build world-class software while having plenty of laughs along the way.

We are searching for a Research Engineer who will serve as part of an interdisciplinary team applying scientific principles to discover, analyze, and design complex socio-technical and economic systems meeting high level descriptive goals using tools from an array of disciplines from multi-agent control to mechanism design. The Engineer is responsible for developing and documenting mathematical models based on requirements from internal and external stakeholders. The Engineer will use formal analysis techniques to design and refine economic models by characterizing evolutionary tendencies and attack vectors, as well as using stochastic process simulations to explore system trajectories and define practical bounds on system parameters. The Engineer will have opportunities to present work to technical and non-technical audiences, both publicly and privately.


  • Capture and document descriptive models of economic systems from whitepapers, conference calls, and in person meetings and characterize as formal goals
  • Extend formal models with complete notation and assumptions and characterize analytically the immediate consequences of these definitions and assumptions
  • Propose and Evaluate incentive mechanisms to align local agent goals with system level goals
  • Create simulation tools for dynamical systems representing the evolution of economic systems at various levels of detail, from agent-based to macroeconomic
  • Use simulation tools to run repeated stochastic process-driven numerical experiments for a wide range of environmental conditions and behavioral assumptions
  • Use data analysis tools to evaluate experimental results and make recommendations regarding the assumptions and conditions under which a particular set of mechanisms and/or policies will achieve the stated goals of the economic system
  • Use data analysis tools to evaluate data collected directly from economic networks to verify that the intended dynamics are emerging, and to recommend tuning system parameters as needed
  • Support the design and development of economic health indicators and operational analytics
  • Provide reports and/or requirements documents to stakeholders
  • Document work in a structured format to serve as a manual for software implementation


  • M.S. or higher in Engineering, Robotics, Operations Research, Economics or related field
  • Masters Level Course work in Optimization and/or Decision Science
  • 4+ years research experience in Industry or Academia
  • Advanced Numerical Computing skills (Matlab, Python, R)
  • Advanced Mathematical Analysis skills (ability to write formal proofs)
  • Proficient with a scripting language
  • Proficient with data manipulation and visualization
  • Proficient with LaTeX or Markdown for mathematical documentation
  • Proficient with collaborating in a technology team setting (GitHub, Jira)
  • Good presentation and communication skills in English—visual and verbal
  • Ability work with a heterogeneous team to achieve a common goal

Not sure if you're a fit? Please feel free to apply anyways, and we'll take it from there.

Interchain believes that great people come from a broad range of backgrounds, and that the diversity of our team is one of our strengths. Discriminatory behavior has no place at Interchain—we do not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, gender identity, national origin, age, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. We are committed to fighting bias in our workplace and our communities.