Devops Engineer - COSMOS Hub

Interchain is a young, ambitious, and values-led team working on the core blockchain technology of the Cosmos ecosystem and the Cosmos Hub. We’re headquartered in Berlin, Germany, but our team stretches from the west coast of the US to eastern Europe. We keep in touch through Github, Slack, Discord, and Zoom, and meet in person periodically (when COVID permits). All in all, the software we develop secures billions of dollars in value across many different systems, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We strive to build world-class software while having plenty of laughs along the way.

We are looking for a qualified and motivated DevOps Engineer to join our team.

The Dev Ops Engineer will primarily support the Cosmos Hub development team by bolstering agile practices, ensuring sound development principles, and ultimately building and maintaining reliable server infrastructure.


  • Product support.
    • Team is supported during design and development in resolving any system issues. [Team]
    • Cosmos sync nodes and other infrastructure, are kept in good working order and within SLA’s. [Team, Validators]
  • Planning and roadmap input.
    • Provide the team with a reliable roadmap and ensure that releases are high quality. [Project Lead, Tech Lead]
  • Technical guidance.
    • Teams adopt new tools and infrastructure with minimum difficulty. [Team]
  • Sound technical foundations for architecture, design and tools. Solutions for technical challenges.
    • Software meets its functional requirements. [Product Lead]
    • Software is maintainable, extensible. [Project Lead]
    • Systems and processes are well documented and understood. [Team]


  • Increase the level of automation and test coverage for the Cosmos ecosystem.
  • Maintain a number of running systems, including devnets, testnets and relayers for the Cosmos ecosystem.
  • Maintain CI/CD pipelines, assuring that they run without issues.
  • Set up monitoring services and maintain their SLA’s.
  • Applying SRE principles to the Cosmos stack.
  • Be the main contact person for the above systems and help resolve any issues that arise.


  • Have a solid understanding of Linux with administration experience.
  • Have a security mindset, implementing best practices.
  • Have experience in setting up and maintaining CI/CD pipelines on Github, Jenkins and other platforms.
  • Have experience with the following languages: Golang, Python and Javascript. Familiarity with Rust is a bonus.
  • Have experience with Cloud platforms such as AWS (EC2, IAM, S3, Route53) and Digital Ocean.
  • Have experience with IaC solutions such as Ansible and Terraform.
  • Have experience with container technologies such as Docker.
  • Familiarity with peer-to-peer/decentralized protocols is a bonus.


  • [I] Upcoming Cosmos ecosystem changes.
  • [A] Roadmap and project planning.
  • [A] Tools and technical approach.
  • [A] Software development practices.

Not sure if you're a fit? Please feel free to apply anyways, and we'll take it from there.

Interchain believes that great people come from a broad range of backgrounds, and that the diversity of our team is one of our strengths. Discriminatory behavior has no place at Interchain—we do not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, gender identity, national origin, age, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. We are committed to fighting bias in our workplace and our communities.