Interchain is a young, ambitious, and values-led team working on the core blockchain technology of the Cosmos ecosystem and the Cosmos Hub. We’re headquartered in Berlin, Germany, but our team stretches from the west coast of the US to eastern Europe. We keep in touch through Github, Slack, Discord, and Zoom, and meet in person periodically (when COVID permits). All in all, the software we develop secures billions of dollars in value across many different systems, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We strive to build world-class software while having plenty of laughs along the way.

We’re looking for a Senior Engineer to lead our efforts around our Javascript and Typescript libraries. This role will combine engineering with product ownership - we think of these libraries as key products, and of the developers who use them as important customers.

Activities include:

  • Developing and maintaining the Javascript and Typescript libraries that are used by applications and wallets across the ecosystem, such as CosmJS.
  • Collaborating with other Javascript and Typescript teams to ensure that their work fits into the bigger picture for Cosmos client libraries
  • Defining the story for Javascript and Typescript development in the Cosmos ecosystem
  • Writing excellent documentation that looks good, contains clear and relevant information, and enables other engineers to build incredible blockchain applications
  • Building proofs-of-concepts and demos, to help prospective users understand how powerful Cosmos can be
  • Contributing to library strategy for the whole Cosmos ecosystem: You’ll need to anticipate upcoming challenges and solicit user feedback from the biggest and most important projects in the ecosystem, making sure they’re well-served as users.

There are no hard requirements on previous experience, but we’re looking for candidates who ideally have:

  • Experience building and owning client libraries. You’ve written reusable libraries and SDKs that are used and beloved by other engineers across many companies and projects. You’re able to navigate the full lifecycle of software development, and you know when it’s time to refactor and time to ship.
  • Great communication skills. You speak and write with clarity, and have a high degree of empathy and patience. You are comfortable working with people across company lines and can collaborate with strangers over the internet.
  • A love of Javascript/Typescript. You’re deeply familiar with the language and ecosystem, and you keep up with the latest changes in web standards and tooling.
  • A vision for the Javascript/Typescript developer experience. Although you may not know Cosmos deeply--yet!--you have opinions about what great developer experiences look like and a passion for making it happen.
  • Enthusiasm for mentorship. The Cosmos ecosystem is growing fast, and we expect our senior engineers to help mentor and grow the more junior members of the team.

Not sure if you're a fit? Please feel free to apply anyways, and we'll take it from there.

Interchain GmbH believes that great people come from a broad range of backgrounds, and that the diversity of our team is one of our strengths. Discrimination has no place at Interchain GmbH and we do not discriminate on the bases of race, color, gender, gender identity, national origin, age, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. We are committed to fighting bias and discrimination in our workplace and in our communities.